Dr. Achim Gast

Chairman of the Management - „We want to offer long-term prospects."

Dr. Achim Gast became Chaiman of the Management Board in 2014. He had joined the board as Managing Director for Technology in 2013. He had previously worked at a large coatings company for 20 years in development and sales of automotive production and industrial coatings.

Family is the basis of all decisions. The right decisions can only be made when the basis works properly. That is why we take our employees’ ability to combine family and career very seriously. For us, for example, taking time out to have a baby is not an argument against women in leadership positions. In addition to flexible working hours and flexitime, we offer various models for part-time work. If desired, and if the job allows, home office positions are also possible.

We are honest with our employees. Good performance is treasured by us. That is why our employees are happy to work at Wörwag. The many years of loyalty are celebrated with co-workers, managers, and – at 25-year work anniversaries – with partners as well. It may be just a small gesture, but it underscores the culture of personal apprecation we have throughout the company. We want to keep our colleagues with us for as long as possible, both trough individual promotion and by offering long-term prospects.

Hannes Wörwag

Commercial Managing Director - ,,There's no future without a past.''

Hannes Wörwag has been at the company since 2003. He was initially in charge of finance, sales to general industry and key industrial accounts, and procurement. Since his appointment to the board, he has led the commercial side of the business since 2011. He studied chemical engineering at the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences and economic sciences at the Universities of Kiel and Stuttgart-Hohenheim.

I don’t actually like looking back, but when someone is turning 100 – as Wörwag will be doing soon, that’s also a reason for me to be proud. After all, I bear the name of the company that will celebrate its 100th anniversaire in 2018. It is at such times that I realize the meaning of the adage: there’s no future without a past. That’s why I’m already looking forward to next year, when we will be celebrating this landmarkt anniversaire with all our employees and retirees, because everyone who was part of this company at some time or other ultimately has had a very personal role to play in our success story.

Wörwag is a family company. We put those values into practice by means of a company philosophy that distinguishes us from other companies. I know that isn’t always easy to imbue these values with life while at work, but the excursions we go on together, the anniversay celebrations, and company parties are and will remain an integral part of our special Wörwag culture. We have to work at it to ensure that it stays that way. A permanent  date in my calendar every year is the company soccer tournament. And although I spare everyone from my modest artistic talent with the ball, I do have pretty good skills in dealing with the barbecue.

Dr. Peter Moritz

Managing Director - ,,We let our products speak for themselves.''

Dr. Peter Moriz became Wörwag’s Managing Director for sales in 2011. He joined the company in Jule 2006 as Manager of Sales for automotive and plastic coatings. In 2008 he was appointed to the new management team. Before joining the company he worked as a key accounter manager for leading German car makers and their suppliers. He studied chemistry at the University of Wuppertal.

To meet the expectations of our customers time and again, we need not only creative minds in the background, but also reliable employees in sales and customer service. They have a good feel for the customer base – including in our  important foreign markets in the USA, China, South Africa, Switzerland, Spain, and Poland.  Moreover, we offer customers a vast service package. The customer not only buys coatings from us – our experts provide assistance and consulting as well. When customers have questions, we have the answer.

We let our products speak for themselves. High quality, after all, is our ace in the hole. Another of our strengths is our Innovation. Our core competence is to deliver high-quality coating systems for automotive add-on parts such as bumpers. We’re one of the market leaders. We were also such as driving force behind the development and introduction of tow-coat systems, a very cost-effective means of coating. And in many markets, we’re  making strides with the use of hydro base coats.