Development & Design

Inspired by Nature

Sometimes a little trip to the zoo can be helpful. Because nature is often a role model and this is true for the developers at Wörwag, too.

Sometimes a little trip to the zoo can be helpful. Because nature is often a role model and this is true for the developers at Wörwag too. Tiny little structural components like the ones you find on a butterfly’s wing can interact with the light to create a desired colour effect. Nanostructures make it possible to create dazzling colours. And it’s only a small step from a butterfly’s wing to the pearlescent effect of a paint for vehicle use. At Wörwag, magical effects are achieved without magic, as a result of some very special Swabian character traits – the drive to experiment and try things out, a talent for finding unusual ways to do things and, above all, only being satisfied when perfect results have been achieved.

Colour trends and innovations

The same applies to our search for new colour trends. If you want to stand out, you have to adopt a clear position. Wörwag not only has expertise in new colour trends but also in terms of technical innovation. Feasibility, fitness for series production and process security are just as important for the developers as special gloss and flop effects. The total package is what makes the difference. Our new colour trends thus fulfil all the most demanding requirements for use in the resource-efficient integrated Paint Process (IPP). Sometimes we even let our apprentices to take responsibility for carrying out practical tests. For example, a soon-to-qualify paint engineer might be allowed to mix together his own personal choice for his bike – a pearlescent yellow green.

From Nature’s Paint Box

Biology Meets Technology

Natural shine and shimmer have fascinated people for a long time. Vehicles paintwork consists of up to four layers of paint. The color is determined by the base coat. This rst coat contains the color pigments and mica, which contributes to the pearlescent effect. And what does this have to do with butterflies?

Allrounder: LabPainter

In one language

Head of Process Engineering, Materials Engineering and Analytics, Dr. Alexander Gissel can watch the LabPainter working at the Chinese Langfang site, even though he is 8000 kilometers away in Stuttgart. The remote link is a major strength of this test process.

Wörwag not only develops tailor-made solutions and products according to customer orders.  At Wörwag, we are also involved in setting new trends. To make sure that we have our finger on the pulse here at Wörwag, we carry out in-depth research into new trends for all kinds of surfaces.

Wörwag is permanently on the lookout for ground-breaking new solutions across the entire spectrum of paint and coating systems. Our employees are typically characterised by having a love of experimentation, a thirst for knowledge and the perseverance to see things through.

Even the most beautiful colour in the world is useless if it can’t be implemented from a technical point of view and doesn’t fulfil the requirements of series production. That is why criteria for its technical duability are just as important to Wörwag as colour trends. In order to guarantee process security and quality, all new products are tested to the same standard as series production.