Investing in our environment

As a manufacturer of paints and pigments, you can take it for granted that we also look carefully at environmental protection

The balance between economic efficiency and ecology is a critical factor in all our entrepreneurial decisions, and no compromises are made in their implementation. Wörwag’s headquarters in Zuffenhausen is located close to a residential area. There are families living there, just a few kilometres away from labs and production facilities where paints and pigments are being manufactured. But they don’t need to worry. At Wörwag, we address these issues in a sustainable way. At the end of the day, Wörwag is itself a family business, one which will be celebrating its centenary in 2018.

The many facets of environmental protection

Wörwag makes sustainable investment in the future – both in Zuffenhausen and in all of our sites worldwide. This is the only way that long-term positive developments can be achieved, both for the company and for its ecological environment. Production methods which promote the careful use of resources and the responsible use of energy are the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy. Wörwag is happy to set standards in this respect. Since 2007, Wörwag has been subject to validation by the EcoManagement and Audit Scheme (EMAS). A community-wide system providing a standardised method of environmental management, coupled with the carrying out of an environmental company audit, are the constituent elements of this scheme developed by the EU for companies which want to improve their performance in terms of environmental protection. This environmental declaration serves to inform the public about environmental measures being undertaken, as well as about continuous improvements in performance in terms of environmental protection.

Our guidelines on environmental issues

The foundation of the Wörwag environmental management system is compliance with all the relevant statutory environmental regulations. It is the task of all our employees to avoid causing any danger to persons or to the environment, as well as to comply with all laws and regulations in respect of occupational safety, health protection and environmental protection. In addition to this, it is the duty of management to recognise potential dangers, to assess them accordingly, and to undertake appropriate measures to deal with them.

Environmental certification

All our paints are subject to the strictest quality control throughout the entire production process. The Wörwag environmental management system has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001 and validated according to EMAS III. In a comprehensive declaration on environmental issues, Wörwag takes a clear position in terms of measures taken and the goals they set. This also includes a detailed clarification of our sustainable corporate philosophy and of our responsibilities as a family business. As a member of the chemical industry’s worldwide “Responsible Care” initiative, Wörwag also promotes the continuous improvement of performance in regard to environmental protection, as well as Health and Safety. This is also further complemented by the company’s participation in a range of further initiatives on both a local and regional basis.


Week of the environment with Federal President Gauck

  • On 16. June 2016
Wörwag has shown its best at the Week of the Environment in Berlin - and has left lasting impressions. Even with the Federal President. The information pavilion of the company in the park of Bellevue Palace belonged to one of five highly regarded stations on Joachim Gauck's tour

Our awards for sustainability

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