5 Steps to Greener Manufacturing

1. Define Your Goals

Why do we strive for greener coatings?
➜ legislation, e.g. on VOC
➜ customer demand
➜ competitiveness
➜ health and safety concerns

2. Assess Impact on Your Business

➜ low VOC
➜ low odor
➜ less exposure to hazardous solvents
➜ less waste, safer waste treatment
➜ proven performance in application
➜ promote a greener corporate image

➜ application parameters and climate conditions in paint shops, e.g. temperature, humidity
➜ choice of substrate and pretreatment
➜ formulation know-how specific to coating systems

3. Understand the Technology

Solution: VOC-reduced coating
➜ water-borne coatings
➜ ultra-high solids (UHS) solvent-borne coatings
➜ painted film: zero emission technology

4. Make Use of Best Practices

We drive strategic cooperation with Germany’s strongest automotive companies. As a pioneer in ecofriendly manufacturing, we needed to set up everything necessary to work with water-borne coatings and specialists like Wörwag. We consider it a long-term investment in our company, and are enthusiastic about the benefits our employees and customers experience. We look forward to inspiring more manufacturers to switch to VOC reduced coating.

Robert Cao, chairman JJ Group, BBAC 2017 award winner

5. Team-up

➜ In 2018, we’ll be celebrating 100 years in business
➜ We took water-borne coatings to the world market 30 years ago
➜ We are young enough to remain a pioneer in coatings for challenging surfaces
➜ The full package: high quality products, fresh ideas, service and a paint process specialist all-in-one
➜ Everything combined with environmental awareness and an ecofriendly approach

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