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Since 1918

The heart beats in Zuffenhausen

Wörwag is deeply-rooted all over the world – but at home in Zuffenhausen.

Cars are made in the immediate neighbourhood but Wörwag was there first. In as early as 1918, Karl Wörwag founded a company to develop and produce paints and anti-rust coatings. A small family-run business has turned into an internationally successful company. Its heart beats, as it always has, in Zuffenhausen. It was a prestigious contract that posed an enormous challenge to the young business:

in collaboration with the extracative industry in the 1930s, Wörwag developed a special varnish for the hull of the Zeppelin that not only resisted the most extreme climatic conditions but was also totally gas-tight. The pleasure derived from inventing things and the courage to venture down new paths has remained. And there’s still a lot happening up in the skies as accumulators for hydraulic systems in airplanes are for instance coated in Wörwag coatings.

Wörwag in time