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The best things in life also include Valencia Orange and Black Sapphire.  Two Wörwag liquid base coat paints for the automotive industry which you will fall in love with.  And yet sometimes genuine values come in shades of brown, white or grey, or in matt finish – no one sees them shine. It’s their intrinsic qualities that really count. The Wörwag primer has been a quietly-spoken all-rounder for 16 years now. After all, the base coat can only shine if the primer has done its job properly. And it doesn’t matter at the end of the day whether the liquid paint is solvent-based or water-based. Wörwag has a tailor-made solution for every product, for every customer and for every type of production facility.

Liquid paint turns down the volume

Liquid paint for plastics or for metal, in 1K or 2K systems, special effect and soft finish paints – it’s only when you have mastered the full range of notes on the piano that you can produce a real hit like our clearcoat which gives protection against UV light to the visible carbon on the plastic components of the BMW i3. Special effect paint and soft finish paint for car interiors are two more of our stars. And if you don’t want to be disturbed by noise, you need to use the right paint. A special acoustic paint used by Audi, for example, helps to avoid disruptive noise. It just goes to show – it’s all about providing the right paint for the situation in hand.

Whether it’s metal or plastic – liquid paints feel quite at home on both surfaces. Wörwag’s product portfolio of water-soluble and solvent-based paint systems comprises primers, base coats, clearcoats, top coats, soft-finish paints, decorative paints and special products such as SMC coatings and UV paint. Our products are world leaders and fulfil all current specifications for the automotive industry. The water-based coatings in our range for series car production guarantee outstanding technological and decorative properties, with the maximum processing bandwidth. The Wörwag product portfolio is rounded off by a comprehensive range of powder paints, as well as a selection of special clearcoats (2K water-based, matt) which are ideal for using in conjunction with our liquid paints.

The plastic components of the BMW i3, for example, are treated with a Wörwag clearcoat which provides a particularly high level of light-protection. It works in a similar way to sun cream. First of all, radical interceptors keep the paint stable in all kinds of weather, meaning that it is resistant to heat, moisture and UV rays. Radicals are usually highly reactive particles which arise through chemical processes and which can damage the paint. Secondly, so-called absorbers intercept the UV rays. To maximise the protective effect, the clearcoat is applied in a thickness of 100 micrometres. Normally a clearcoat is applied on plastic in a thickness of only 30 to 40 micrometers.

Car builders introduced the wet-on-wet procedure in series production as far back as 2006. The second coat is applied just five to seven minutes after the first one, without drying in the oven beforehand. Timing is critical. A thicker coat means an increased flash-off time. The same also applies at lower temperatures. With the wet-on-wet system of application, the paint immediately forms a connection with the coat of paint underneath.


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