Paint films are worth sticking

It’s time to start sticking. Wörwag can manufacture 550,000 m² of painted film annually which would cover about 70 football pitches. Extremely environmentally-friendly, it is very colourful if required. Painted films are an excellent alternative to conventional coating processes. Painting with films can save up to 70 per cent of the energy required for spraying.

Painted film replaces spraying

No overspray, ready for use immediately, no drying time, weather and scratch proof – the high-tech painted film preserves the environment due to the improved adherence qualities. After all, a component treated with a painted film shows no difference to one that is conventionally coated. Transfer paint films are for instance used for coating water deflectors in many Mercedes models. The decorative paint film is already being used on plastic windows made by Schüco. Or how about painted films for skis and snowboards for example? Here’s to sticking.

Wörwag’s high-tech paint film is extremely environmentally friendly. Using it means there is neither overspray nor other waste-products. Efficiency ideally totals 100 per cent. Compared with conventional coating processes, up to 70 per cent energy can be saved when using painted films. Process waste like paint sludge does not occur. Filter materials are not necessary.

Painted films can be applied to simple plastic or metal surfaces. Decorative paint films are for instance ideal for the optical enhancement of plastic parts like window frames or other structural elements. Transfer paint films have been specially developed for coating plastic components in the automotive industry.

Decorative paint films are applied on the component to be coated with the help of a hot-melt adhesive and rolling. Adhering a transfer paint film is however different. This is done using an extrusion lamination process. In doing so, the film is fixed by molten resin on the chosen surface.

There are two kinds of paint film. The decorative paint film can be high gloss or matt and they also come in a variety of structures. There is also a wide range of colors and effects. The transfer paint film is black and available in high gloss and matte.

Our paint film in the media

Wörwag Renames Its Products

  • On 12. December 2017
Wörwag has rebranded its entire product range. From December 2017, we will market our automotive paints under the umbrella brand of “Inmotiq”. Paints for other industries will bear the “Industriq” brand name.

Week of the environment with Federal President Gauck

  • On 16. June 2016
Wörwag has shown its best at the Week of the Environment in Berlin - and has left lasting impressions. Even with the Federal President. The information pavilion of the company in the park of Bellevue Palace belonged to one of five highly regarded stations on Joachim Gauck's tour

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