Powder coating for action heroes

Even action heroes need a protective shield. Baking hot weather in the Australian outback, or steady rainfall and frost in Canada – these are outside weather conditions that push even the giant diggers on excavation sites to the limits. Yet the paint stays put. But it isn’t just any paint, it’s powder paint. Powder means increased protection against corrosion. Our low VOC coating system with high solid content is ready for any challenge when it comes to construction machinery or agricultural machinery.

Powder paint defies the extremes

And yet Wörwag’s powder coatings are not only ideally suited to diggers, bulldozers and dumper trucks. Extreme requirements can also be found in areas where you would least expect it – in the home and in the office. Protection, durability, emotional character, gloss and personality – these are all features that are welcomed in electrical equipment as well as designer furniture. And as always with real action stars, they look pretty damned good too! That’s maybe why the USM Haller designer furniture coated with Wörwag acrylic powder paint even made it into the Museum of Modern Art in New York.


Coat twice, cure once

Be it in mines in the Australian outback or on rainy road construction sites,
the paint on Wirtgen’s construction equipment has to stand up to tough conditions. Since last year, Wirtgen has been coating more than half of its parts with powder coatings using the new process.

This low VOC coating system has a high solid content. Powder coatings – if required also used in conjunction with liquid paints – fulfil the highest specification requirements in terms of chemical stability, weather resistance and extremely effective protection against corrosion. Powder paints get by without the use of solvents. The processing brings savings in time and thus also in energy.

The areas of application are diverse. With the heavy construction and agricultural machinery made by the company Wirtgen, for example, Wörwag powder coating guarantee increased protection against corrosion in wind and bad weather conditions. Powder systems for topcoats and special effect paints are often also used in the fitting out of buildings. As well as household equipment and devices, further areas of application can be found in high-quality furniture with acrylic powder coatings in a sleek black finish, and in the specially treated anti-bacterial paints for use in medicine. And of course, the real strengths of powder paints come to the fore in the coating of the metal and plastic components of car interiors.

The customer and the area of application determine the extent of diversity. Because we can produce tailor-made solutions – even in small quantities – in almost any colourway, and in various grades of gloss, as single colour or special effect powder paint, shiny or textured. As an example, the innovative WÖRACRYL® acrylic powder technology is commensurate with the quality of series painting for cars.

With so-called powder on powder coating, we can dispense with the energy and time-intensive cross-linking between coats. Manual application is also possible with extremely large pieces of machinery, even in areas that are difficult to access. Undercoat, topcoat and then off into the oven – all in one step. The powder coating is applied using the Tribo technique. In this process, the powder particles are given a static charge through the use of friction. Seam areas, where surfaces meet edges or lines, can thus still be reliably reached.

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