A hairy challenge

Men wear beards. Women too. The challenge for Wörwag can hardly be more multifaceted.

In this case, it is all about growing a beard before the photo-shoot for the customer magazine, “finish” – or sticking one on. Everybody takes part. A completely different kind of teamwork. That’s Wörwag. It also the same way when fulfilling customer wishes. Finding a great solution innovatively. In this case a particularly hairy special declaration of love evolved that documents the pride gained from the coating developed for the Braun electric shaver. It shows, Wörwag experts are afraid of absolutely nothing. With the local Swabian roots, it’s obvious but not a matter of course.

With or without a beard, life is never boring at Wörwag – even after almost 100 years. It’s why professionals with staying power are needed. The challenges at a family-run company are big, responsibilities too. However, the chances for a personal vocational training as well as the personal chance to climb up the career ladder are good. Wörwag is now deeply-rooted all over the world. Foreign placements and international collaborations are firm constituents for the opening up of new markets. A beard is definitely not one of the hiring criteria.

Employee portrait

Recharging the batteries with tango

Krüger has worked at Wörwag for more than 28 years. Staff numbers have almost quintupled during this time.

The contact in the human resources department for all queries relating to traineeships and apprenticeships at Wörwag is Tanja Bröning, phone +49 711 8296 1224,
We want to get to know you. An application should not only include a covering letter in which you explain why you would like a traineeship at Wörwag. As we are a bit curious, we would also like to know what you have done previously – please list work placements, qualifications, hobbies and other interests in your CV. Don’t forget a passport photo and pack all the documents in a PDF file (max. 5 MB). We’re looking forward to receiving your e-mail.
After successfully completing a traineeship with a good grade, trainees are taken on by Wörwag on a permanent basis. In general, the prospects for qualified specialists are excellent. There are numerous opportunities to move up the career ladder for skilled professionals through further vocational training, university studies or the courses to become a master technician.
A good school-leaving qualification from the German “Realschule”, the entrance qualification for a technical college or the German “Abitur” – or equivalents – are necessary for the traineeship as a coating laboratory technician. The school-leaving qualification from the German “Realschule” or “Hauptschule” is required for the chemical technician and chemical production assistant traineeships.
There are three professions requiring vocational training at Wörwag: coatings laboratory technician, chemical technician and chemical production assistant. Traineeships start on 1 September every year. Vocational training for coatings laboratory technicians and chemical technicians last three and a half years and there is a two-year course for chemical production assistants.
Vacant positions can be found in the job boards in Internet (e.g. Stepstone) and on the Wörwag career portal at
You are a chemistry/coatings chemistry student? Then you can enhance your knowledge within a work-study programme and/or an internship at Wörwag. Internships are available in the development, quality control and application technology departments. For further information please contact
 Anita Verdonkschot, telephone: +49 711 8296-1556,
There are plenty of topics for theses at our company. As a chemistry/ coatings chemistry student, you will find here a broad spectrum of topics that are highly relevant to today – and they all include innovative projects for your thesis. For further information please contact:
 Anita Verdonkschot, telephone: +49 711 8296-1556,
Wörwag regularly searches for qualified employees that have finished a traineeship or a university course. However, those already working and are looking for a new challenge are just right for Wörwag. Even career changers are welcome. Wörwag offers people the chance to develop personally, the chance to move up the career ladder, an interesting job and responsibility in an occupational environment that is constantly developing.
Wörwag has flat hierarchies, transparent structures and short decision-making processes. Wörwag offers attractive career chances both at home and abroad as well as a wide range of jobs. Space for creativity and being proactive are further pillars of our company culture.

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