Portrait Detlef Kruger

Tango and diagrams

Recharging the batteries

Step by step. That’s how you move forward – whether through life or across the dance floor. Detlef Krüger passionately combines his job with his hobby. The 58-year-old is responsible for process optimisations, among other things, in Wörwag’s Quality Management department.

“We document and analyse processes down to the finest detail. That’s the only way we are able to find starting points to further optimise processes,” he says. He has countless print-outs of process charts and flow charts next to his desk for good reason. He heads to the dance floor at least once a week, usually with his wife, Gaby. “My batteries are recharged after a tango night,” says Krüger, “it’s been giving me balance and joie de vivre for the last 15 years.” The popular Argentine tango is essentially an improvisation dance – though this is not a quality Krüger relies on in his daily work. “I’m a very analytical person, a project manager. I always think beforehand about what I am doing”, he adds.

As such, his jobs tend to revolve more around projects than positions. They include, for example, implementing the EU hazardous substances directive, introducing an electronic archiving system, introducing a digital quality management system (Computer Aided Quality, CAQ), introducing the automotive industry’s International Material Data System (IMDS), helping to introduce the Navision business software (Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP) as a key user, acting as deputy project manager to integrate the CAQ system in Navision, and selecting and introducing a process-management program.

Tango and a social heart

Krüger has been working at Wörwag for more than 26 years. During this time, staff numbers have almost quintupled. “I was involved with many developments and projects. It was and continues to be extremely exciting,” reclass the qualified banker, trainer teacher and short-time IT student. Variety has always been crucial for him – and not only when it comes to choosing professions.

Even at Wörwag, it’s the daily challenges that add that extra special something. “And if I can’t do it, I teach myself how to” – that’s his motto. “Whatever I do must be done correctly” is another. The freedoms he requires for this are provided to him at Wörwag. As Krüger is also involved in the community, it is almost logical for him to go full-steam ahead here too. He and his wife have been organising school sponsorship programmes for children in Kathmandu (Nepal) for years. When the earthquake in April 2015 damaged their school, he and his wife collected donations – including at the company. They raised a total of more than 17,000 Euros for their Surya Kiran children’s home project. Even rebuilding is a step-by-step process.


Facts ...

Name: Detlef Krüger

At Wörwag since: October 1989

Job: Quality management, process design and system administrator

For me, Wörwag is Constantly a new sporting challenge.

My favourite colour is… White, associated with winter and skiing.

Someone I would like to meet one day One of the 30 brown bears at Brenta National Park in Italy. Every time I have been there, I have never been able to see a bear.

The most important app on my Smartphone is The VVS’ latest live timetable, which keeps me promptly informed of the constant train cancellations and delays.

The cartoon character most similar to me is…Vicky the Viking – not in terms of character or age, but rather the intelligent and pragmatic solutions in my professional environment.

My perfect day includes… A cup of good coffee in the morning and the daily reward at the end of the day.

I’m most proud of… My wife, who married me in 2006 despite the ERP system introduction, and who constantly keeps me grounded in the real world when I start measuring the other people around me based on my own extremely high standards.

My favourite food is… Basically anything sweet.

What makes me laugh the most… I actually don’t laugh enough.

Luxury for me is… Having time to spend with my wife.

My hobby is… Dancing the Argentine tango.

How does that hobby tie in with my job at Wörwag? Both have always been quite nocturnal activities – every day of the week.

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