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Paint under stress

Wörwag supplies an all-round worry-free package.

Our high standards in terms of quality are applied to all Wörwag products, and we will not put them on the market until they have passed this independent paint test. And the testing procedure is a tough one. With these tests, Wörwag really tries to push our paints to the absolute limit. Systematically. Thoroughly and mercilessly.

The practical side is then rounded off by the theory. For Wörwag also passes on all the knowledge they have gained – in training sessions and seminars, and by offering advice and guidance to its customers.

Member of the Standards Committee

You have a wish, we’ll test it out. In our independent testing lab, the expert staff carry out in-depth examinations of the surface coatings, for example, with a pressurized water jet test and a weathering test, as well as an adhesion test and tests carried out in a simulated ballistic material control.

In the field of paint technology, it is critical that specifications and standards are met. The lab carries out tests according to national (DIN) and international standards (ISO, ASTM, SAE) and according to the respective tailor-made specifications.

Microscopic examinations provide supporting evidence in the search for faults and in their analysis. At Wörwag, we also put our testing devices and testing methods to the acid test. The testing lab carries out suitability tests for their various testing methods, such as inter-laboratory comparison tests and instrument adjustments: physical-technological, optical and physical-chemical tests on the surfaces and coatings of technical products, resistance tests to temperature, moisture, condensed water, salt spray, chemicals and hydrolysis, as well as environmental simulation tests of combinations of the above on metal and non-metal materials and components.

Our materials testers know what the requirements are

The spectrum of services provided by the Wörwag lab is as diverse as the product portfolio itself – feasibility studies, basic investigations, paint/coatings tests or project work covering a wide range of materials or surface pre-treatment themes. Wörwag offers guidance with questions regarding the paintability of your materials, and gives advice concerning pre-treatment and selection of substrate. Customer service goes further. We help, for example, with the explanation of suitable coating techniques for a particular material, or with the tailor-made optimisation of processes and procedures. And all of that from the introduction phase right through to the running of series production.

Wörwag is happy to give support with forward-looking measuring and testing procedures, as well as with research and sponsorship projects.

Please note:

Due to the relocation of our testing laboratory, accreditation is currently suspended. As soon as our new location is up and running, we will be glad to inform you. Feel free to sign-up for an email alert woerwag.services@woerwag.de

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