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Technologien verändern sich, Prozesse auch. Eine Konstante allerdings bleibt: Das wichtigste Werkzeug ist die menschliche Hand.

Our paints offer life’s beautiful, useful, and essential objects. Protection and value, expressiveness and durability, color and emotional appeal, brilliance and character. What isn’t so obvious is what happens behind the scenes: We are Wörwag. We are different.

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By serving an apprenticeship at Wörwag, novices can climb the first rung on the career ladder.


Whether you have graduated from university or learnt a trade, our doors are open to you.


We appreciate our staff’s commitment. That’s why we support you in developing your trade and soft skills.

International: we bring color into the world

We feel at home around the globe, but our roots are in Zuffenhausen.

Innovative: we are curious

We have the courage to try things out. To find the best route, you often have to travel beyond your destination.

Quality: we push the limits

We want only the best for our customers. That’s why we keep developing our products until they meet that ambition.

Service: we think beyond our products

At Wörwag, service is a dedicated line of business.

Care: we are responsible

We make provision and shape the future. And we don’t put it off until tomorrow.

Engineers: we love challenges

Even when we reach the finish line, the journey is far from over.

Emotion: color is our life

We know what you can do with color. If we don’t know something, we try it out.

Extreme: we meet though tasks head on

We’re tough. Because we don’t just go to the limit, we are passionate about going beyond

Vision: we believe in the future

We are not going to paint it all black, much as we like that color. Our future is bright.
Anja Rohland
HR manager

phone +49 711 8296 1044

Carolin Schmidt
HR manager

phone +49 711 8296 1167

Uwe Ortmann
HR manager

phone +49 711 8296 1250

Tanja Bröning
personnel specialist

phone +49 711 8296 1224

Stephan Deuchert
Head of Human Resources

phone +49 711 8296 1135