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Wörwag is worldwide not the biggest manufacturer of coating solutions, but we make things move in the industry.

We can afford to be different. That’s why we need employees who want to make a career for themselves and want to change the world of coatings. Those who work at Wörwag are sometimes also pioneers in the development of new technologies. This has recently been demonstrated, for example, by the implementation of the integrated coating process (IPP) or the further development of innovative coating film technology.

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Part-time career start for Michaela Eigenbrod:
"You always find a way here - and that doesn't just apply to product development."

Many colleagues at Wörwag speak Swabian. But the company is also rooted in the world. An international team, foreign assignments, intensive know-how transfer to the growth markets of China, the USA and Latin America – the environment is dynamic. And Wörwag is successful. A company with prospects. If you want to see this for yourself, you have to apply to us. Whether as a graduate or after successful training – the doors are open at Wörwag. If in doubt, ring the bell at the gate.

We have plenty of topics for theses. As a chemistry/coating chemistry student, you will find a versatile and current range of topics with innovative projects for your thesis.

You can expand your specialist knowledge as part of a study-related activity and/or an internship at Wörwag. Internships are available in the company’s development, quality testing and application technology departments.

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