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Coatings for
Mechanical Engineering

We work with system:
harmonized powder and liquid coatings from a single source.

System Coatings for Mechanical Engineering

We work with a system as we know that every component counts.
With our coatings for mechanical engineering, we succeed in creating an overall visual effect that pays tribute to every surface. Whether plain, coarse, high-gloss or matte. Application method, coating location? Doesn’t matter. The perfect surface match in terms of color, gloss and texture is there – even between our powder and liquid coatings.

And we don’t just shine in terms of aesthetics. Corrosion protection is our specialty. Likewise, chemicals and mechanical stresses cannot harm our INDUSTRIQ coatings for plant engineering. Wörwag coatings that protect, perform and look good.

What are we strong in?

  • system supplier of harmonized liquid and powder coatings
  • mechanical resistance
  • chemical resistance
  • good corrosion protection
  • service on site
  • excellent appearance

As a system supplier in mechanical and plant engineering, we offer powder and liquid coatings in almost any gloss level and surface structure. Whether smooth or coarse, high gloss or dull matt. Our coatings for plant engineering are optically matched to each other. This creates a perfect match, even if application methods, materials and technologies differ.

Our systems are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

In addition, we offer special coatings for extremely high loads. These products are optimized, for example, for high chemical resistance alone or in combination with particularly good mechanical properties. Others offer good corrosion protection in just one layer when lean processes are required.

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To make our products strong against chemicals, we rely on highly resistant binders that form close-meshed networks during curing. This means that even aggressive substances cannot penetrate the coating or damage the coating surface.

At Wörwag, you can choose from a total of five product series with the highest chemical resistance:

  • Industriq Topcoat SB 2K W740: highly chemical-resistant polyurethane topcoat
  • Industriq Powder Topcoat W851: weather-resistant polyurethane powder topcoat with excellent chemical resistance, available in various surface finishes
  • Industriq Powder Topcoat W852: weather-resistant polyurethane powder topcoat with very good chemical resistance and mechanical properties available in various surface finishes
  • Industriq Powder Topcoats W825H / W826H / W828H: fine- or coarse-textured, highly chemical-resistant hybrid powder coatings, suitable for indoor applications
  • Industriq Powder Topcoat W824: our anti-graffiti specialist, highly cross-linked powder coating with exceptional resistance to graffiti paints, harsh cleaners and chemicals, suitable for indoor use, approved by Deutsche Bahn according to test standard DBS 918 340 and fire protection test according to DIN EN 45545-2

As a rule of thumb, the coarser the substrate to be coated, the more suitable coarse-textured coatings are. They cover unevenness very well, are robust and protect components from mechanical and chemical influences. This is why coarse-textured coatings are often used in heavy mechanical engineering. Fine-textured coatings also exhibit robust properties, such as good scratch resistance. They are also often used as a design element due to their uniform surface.

In addition to substrate and function, the spatial environment of the machines also plays an important role. For outdoor use, polyurethane and polyester-based powder coatings are the most suitable. In the interior, on the other hand, hybrid powder coatings are the suitable choice.

Wörwag has the right product in its portfolio for each of your applications. We will be happy to advise you.

Yes, with our specially developed range of repair coatings, you can repair minor scratches easily and selectively without affecting the appearance. For larger areas, on the other hand, it’s worth checking each individual case. This is how we ensure that the coating functionality is restored and maintained.


We know that in mechanical and plant engineering, every component counts. And that the use of many different technologies at different locations is necessary until the finished industrial plant is in place. With our liquid, powder and touch-up coatings, it still looks like it was cast from a single mold. As a system supplier, we perfectly coordinate our INDUSTRIQ product ranges. With our coating systems from a single source, we guarantee the perfect match in terms of color, gloss and surface structure. The harmonized product quality benefits not only our key accounts, but also their suppliers and job coaters. Independent of painting locations and processes.

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