Color Design &

For the development of new products
we also learn from nature.

Color trends from nature

Sometimes a visit to the zoo helps. Models from nature also serve as sources of inspiration for Wörwag developers time and again.

Tiny structural particles, such as those in a butterfly wing, elicit the desired color effect, such as iridescence, from the light. And so the leap from a butterfly to the pearlescent shine of a car paint is shorter than you might think. Without any magic, the magical effects at Wörwag are also the product of classic Swabian virtues: tinkering, trying things out, breaking new ground, and above all: not being satisfied until it fits.

Color trends and innovation

This also applies to the identification of new color trends. Only those who take a stand will be unmistakable. The double pass between fresh tones and technical innovation leads to the goal opportunity. At Wörwag, feasibility, readiness for series production and process reliability are just as important as gloss or flop effects. The overall package is decisive. That is why our latest paints always meet the strict requirements for use in the resource-saving IPP (integrated paint process). Sometimes even our trainees are responsible for the practical test, for example when a prospective paint engineer mixes his desired color for the bicycle frame: yellow-green with pearlescent.