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Coatings for Agricultural and Construction Equipment

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Agricultural and Construction Equipment
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Strong Coatings for Agricultural and Construction Equipment

Whether it’s breeding heat in the Australian outback or steady rainfall and frost in Canada – the INDUSTRIQ coating is right on the money. It defies all external adversities, whether corrosion, UV radiation or chemicals.

Extreme reliability despite extreme conditions. Because when it comes to painting construction and agricultural machinery, the focus is on reliable, long-lasting protection without neglecting appearance, gloss level and leveling.

Our goal is to ensure that surfaces coated with our paint systems retain their properties stably even after many years of use. We don’t give weathering or fading a chance. We trust in our significant experience and first-class knowledge as a system supplier of liquid and powder coatings.

What are we strong in?

  • very good corrosion protection
  • very good weathering resistance
  • good chemical resistance
  • good leveling
  • wide color range

When it comes to painting construction and agricultural machinery, we have a lot of confidence. Because we have the right system for every challenge. Whether liquid or powder coating, superdurable or standard quality, mono-layer or dual-layer system, with or without primer – you can rely on long-lasting and durable protection against corrosion and other external influences. For special requirements in terms of process optimization and production and eco-efficiency, we also have a range of specialties in our portfolio.

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If you save a layer, you win. Our INDUSTRIQ W4240 2K Ultra-High-Solid Direct-to-Metal (UHS-DTM) is a solvent-based coating, but its high solids content of more than 80 percent is impressive. In terms of VOC balance, this puts it on a par with conventional water-based systems. The extremely high coverage and the possibility of saving the entire primer result in further advantages with regard to the VOC balance.

Powder coatings even go one better here. They have a solids content of one hundred percent and therefore manage completely without VOCs. Nevertheless, they meet the highest demands, withstanding the weather as well as mechanical and chemical influences. This means that a large number of coating processes with VOC-containing liquid coatings can be replaced by powder coatings.

Shortening process times or lowering curing temperatures and thus reducing costs – this is the decisive point in all innovations. That’s why we not only think along with you, but also ahead. Every time we develop a coating, we include resource-saving application in our plans.

For example, the extremely wide stoving window of our new superdurable low-temperature powder coating INDUSTRIQ W885 EcoSpeed gives you the opportunity to significantly accelerate the production process either by shortening the curing times (use as speedcure) or by significantly reducing energy costs by lowering the curing temperatures (use as low-temperature system).

Saving a complete process step and still achieving good corrosion protection – that’s what our Protection Shields can do! The INDUSTRIQ W882 Powder Protection Shield and the INDUSTRIQ W4240 EcOne Protection Shield combine very good corrosion protection with an efficient and cost-saving mono-layer process.

Edges are the Achilles’ heel of many components. Reduced coating thicknesses in the area of edges and sharp radii as a result of so-called edge alignment are often the cause of edge corrosion. But how can this danger be avoided? Maximum corrosion and weather protection, especially at the edges, is provided by the interplay of primer and topcoat as a dual-layer structure. The use of our W803, W812 and W813 powder primers ensures optimum coverage of edges. Furthermore, there are systems that are specially optimized for covering edges. The mono-layer powder coating INDUSTRIQ W882 Powder Protection Shield not only offers very high corrosion protection, but also shows clear advantages in the edge area compared to commercially available single-layer powder coatings.

Priming is required where the highest demands are placed on corrosion protection, in particular to increase the barrier effect against corrosive media and to ensure the best possible edge coverage to protect against edge corrosion. Priming is also useful when unevenness in the blank has to be levelled out.

We won’t leave you out in the cold. Whether standard or superdurable quality, we have the answer to your requirement. Our W892 and W898 powder topcoat series in standard industrial quality are weather- and light-resistant and suitable for a wide range of outdoor industrial applications. The W880 powder topcoat series with superdurable quality, on the other hand, is a highly weather-resistant system, which is used in particular for applications with the highest weather resistance requirements. As a system supplier, we naturally also have harmonized highly weather-resistant liquid topcoats with the W755 product series in our portfolio.

We know that when it comes to painting construction and agricultural machinery, every component counts. And, that the use of many different technologies in different locations is necessary until each piece of heavy equipment is shiny and ready for use. With our liquid, powder and touch-up paints, they still look as if they were made from a single mold. As a system supplier, we perfectly coordinate our INDUSTRIQ products. With our coating systems from a single source, we guarantee the perfect match of color, gloss and surface structure. The harmonized product quality benefits not only our key accounts, but also their suppliers and job coaters. Regardless of painting location and process.

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