Bicycle Coatings

Big jumps and extreme weather? No problem.
The toughest conditions are our specialty.

Our Bicycle Coatings Storm Every Peak.

Whether on a road bike in city traffic or on a mountain bike in the mud – the Wörwag bicycle coatings defy all stress tests. Big jumps and extreme weather? No problem. Because the most challenging conditions are our specialty: To withstand mud, stone chipping, rain and sun, we have developed a coating system that can take a lot. The combination of primer, basecoat and clearcoat protects like a tank.

As a system supplier of harmonized powder and liquid coatings, we have the right answer to all requirements. Ready for the next stage? Let’s go!

What are we strong in?

  • very good weather resistance
  • very good mechanical properties
  • very good leveling
  • wide color range
  • very good adhesion of decals
  • sustainable products
  • system compatibility with commercially available bicycle paints

We offer a complete system of powder and liquid coating for primer, basecoat, topcoat and clearcoat. Whether as an efficient mono-layer system, in a functional two-coat structure with clearcoat, or in a three-coat structure as a primer with basecoat and clearcoat – the INDUSTRIQ Powder Topcoat W898H fits perfectly in every position. And the names say it all: Simply Clever (mono-layer powder system), Best Value for Money (dual-layer powder system), Black Magic (dual-layer INDUSTRIQ system), as well as Eco Shield and the Classic (each three-coat mixed system INDUSTRIQ). Five wins. Perfect appearance with made-to-measure protection.

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1, 2 or 3 – you can choose. Our bicycle coating systems play their trump cards depending on the requirements. Five different complete systems are available. They guarantee almost limitless application possibilities for all challenges in the painting of mountain bikes, racing bikes, city bikes or eBikes.

For example, the INDUSTRIQ Powder Topcoat W898H offers good protection as a mono-layer system, with efficient processes and good looks at the same time. Likewise, as a primer, the system can form the basis for further layers. The higher the number of layers, the stronger the protection against external influences. The use of our combinable waterborne basecoats enables excellent and diverse design options.

Our bicycle coating systems are optimized to perfectly match the requirements of the bicycle market: good recoatability with water-based basecoats, clearcoats or touch-up paints, good intercoat adhesion and assembly ability. In summary: perfect protection despite continuous stress.

With a solids content of almost one hundred percent, the powder coating system manages without solvents. It is free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are subject to strict legal regulations. Overspray is reused on a large scale via a recycling process, so the powder is almost one hundred percent recycled. Powder coating can be processed directly, eliminating work steps such as stirring, mixing with hardener or thinning. High coating thicknesses can be achieved in just one work step. And immediately after curing, the coated workpiece is ready for use. Low curing temperatures ensure a low-VOC process even for multi-layer coatings. In addition, we rely on waterborne topcoats for the multi-layer systems.

You are spoilt for choice. Because our bicycle coatings love colors and effects. Even the mono-layer structure allows radiant solid colors and sophisticated metallic colors. It gets really colorful with the multi-layer systems with our waterborne coatings: many colors and effects can be realized. Depending on the clearcoat used, the bicycle frame also impresses with a dull matt or high-gloss look. The brilliance and flow of acrylic powder clearcoats not only give the functional basecoat its special appeal, but also make every bicycle designer shine. Or how about something really special? Visible carbon look or flip-flop effect for the mountain bike?

Our bike coating is ready for stickers of all kinds. So absolutely worth sticking. After all, the so-called decals are an integral part of bicycle design. But be careful: The often printing ink-based decals are very sensitive to heat. Too high curing temperatures cause yellowing and color deviations. Our INDUSTRIQ Powder Clearcoats W845 and W847 eliminate this risk by providing low curing temperatures combined with excellent optical properties and give the decals a perfect finish – optionally with a dull matt or high-gloss surface.

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