Lacke für Möbel, Fenster und Gebäude

Coatings for Furniture and Building Equipment

Anyone who loves colors needs coatings embellishing everyday life. If a furniture coating from Wörwag even makes it into a museum, it has undoubtedly become a timeless classic.

Practically beautiful: Coatings for Household Appliances

If you want to experience our furniture coating up close, you don’t have to travel to the USA. For many, a trip to their kitchen is enough. Our INDUSTRIQ system combines functionality and appearance in many facets in an attractive way. Coatings for household appliances such as refrigerators or functional kitchen furniture fittings meet highly chemical and physical requirements and still need excellent surfaces.

As a system supplier of harmonized powder and liquid coatings and Paint Film, we always have the right solution to all requirements in a perfect color match – for example, for building equipment and window profiles, for the bathroom area or everyday electrical appliances such as razors.

What are we strong in?

  • system supplier of harmonized powder and liquid coatings
  • suitable for metal and plastic surfaces
  • suitable for interior and exterior applications
  • very good resistance to external influences
  • excellent appearance

The INDUSTRIQ system of powder and liquid coatings can do one thing above all: perfectly combine functionality and appearance. We always have the right answer to all requirements – for interior and exterior, for plastic and metal applications. Our goal is to create resistant and robust surfaces that still look good. Almost any surface appearance is possible, from matt to high-gloss, from plain to coarse-textured. And we always find very special solutions for special requirements.

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To make our products strong against chemicals, we rely on highly resistant binders that form close-meshed networks during curing. This means that even aggressive substances cannot penetrate the coating or damage the coating surface.

At Wörwag, you can choose from a total of five product series with the highest chemical resistance:

  • Industriq Topcoat SB 2K W740: highly chemical-resistant polyurethane topcoat
  • Industriq Powder Topcoat W851: weather-resistant polyurethane powder topcoat with excellent chemical resistance, available in various surface finishes
  • Industriq Powder Topcoat W852: weather-resistant polyurethane powder topcoat with very good chemical resistance and mechanical properties available in various surface finishes
  • Industriq Powder Topcoats W825H / W826H / W828H: fine- or coarse-textured, highly chemical-resistant hybrid powder coatings, suitable for indoor applications
  • Industriq Powder Topcoat W824: our anti-graffiti specialist, highly cross-linked powder coating with exceptional resistance to graffiti paints, harsh cleaners and chemicals, suitable for indoor use, approved by Deutsche Bahn according to test standard DBS 918 340 and fire protection test according to DIN EN 45545-2

Not a day without Wörwag coating: Because our coatings are beautiful for life. Almost everywhere in the private household, there are everyday products that are coated with Wörwag coating. Examples? Even during the morning toilet, cisterns from Geberit or shower cabins and designer radiators from Kermi are coated with our powder coatings. And when a man trims his beard, he often relies on the high-quality coatings from Wörwag for Braun razors. Refrigerators from Liebherr, ovens from BSH or frames for drawers, cupboards and the like from Blum or Grass – practically beautiful. And when you leave home, you get on your bike or in your car. In many cases, coating from us is used here as well. As you can see, we love colors.

We let the coating run, but with system. Our W818 and W852 powder coatings convince with very good gradients and very good optical properties. After all, functions such as good mechanical properties, scratch resistance, and very good chemical and light resistance are crucial, for example when coating furniture or washing machines. An all-rounder of a special kind is the W818 low-temperature system in matt, which can be adapted very well to many different requirements. The coating impresses with very high gloss stability in the curing window as well as very good abrasion resistance.

Coating a razor is almost as demanding as coating a vehicle. At least it has to meet similarly high requirements. For many years, Braun’s premium series have relied on a three-coat system from Wörwag. Primer, the color-giving basecoat and a special clearcoat ensure a high-quality appearance and the greatest possible protection. The coating for Braun razors must be extremely brilliant, impact-resistant and resistant to perspiration, salts and bacteria. Since the devices are cleaned in a cleaning and charging station at the touch of a button, the coating system also has to withstand an alcohol solution.

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