Der Wörwag-Lack für Schienenfahrzeuge lässt Graffitis ganz leicht entfernen.

Coatings for Rail Vehicles

Everything is gone in one go:
We put graffiti in its place.

Anti-Graffiti Coatings for Rail Vehicles

Everything is gone in one go. Whether on interior walls, seats or shelves. Our coatings for rail vehicles put graffiti in its place and pass every other stress test, such as in crowded trains.

Like a protective cloak, INDUSTRIQ coatings wrap themselves around heavily stressed surfaces and allow impacts, friction and chemicals to pass without a trace. We ensure high functionality for a durable design

We have developed our W824 product series especially for the rail market. It is extremely resistant to graffiti, chemicals and mechanical influences, and at the same time shines with an excellent appearance.

– INDUSTRIQ W824, glossy, plain
– INDUSTRIQ W824G, silk gloss, plain
– INDUSTRIQ W824H, silk matt, plain
– INDUSTRIQ W824F, matt, fine textured

Furthermore, the W851 and W852 product series based on polyurethane make the portfolio perfect.

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Not with our special paint INDUSTRIQ Powder Topcoat W824. It is the only system that offers all the advantages of a close-mesh hybrid powder coating for use in rail vehicles without releasing fission products during processing. This means that the coating can be processed entirely without releasing any harmful substances.

We don’t give graffiti a chance. The coatings in our W824 product range cover a wide variety of surfaces like a protective shield. Thanks to excellent anti-graffiti properties, graffiti and other contaminants can be cleaned off without leaving any residue. The paint surface is also insensitive to aggressive cleaning substances such as those found in commercially available graffiti cleaners. This enables graffiti removal without matting and other surface damage.

Our paint for rail vehicles INDUSTRIQ Powder Topcoat W824 does not even allow spray paints and inks to penetrate deeply. This is made possible by a highly crosslinked hybrid powder coating technology. Graffiti can thus be removed easily and without leaving residues. Simply use a common graffiti cleaner, many of which we have already successfully tested.

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We burn for action. The entire INDUSTRIQ Powder Topcoat W824 product range therefore has fire protection certificates in accordance with EN 45545 2:2016 for the substrates steel and aluminum. Our product series INDUSTRIQ Powder Topcoats W851 and W852 are also tested and approved according to this fire protection standard.

For our product series INDUSTRIQ Powder Topcoat W824 and INDUSTRIQ Powder Topcoat W852MC a DB release according to DBS 918 340 is available.

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