Wörwag Lacke und Farben

Liquid Coating

Metal or plastic substrate, with effect or solid color:
We turn every paint job into a masterpiece.

Our coatings love variety

Beauty has many names. For example, limonengelb or Black Magic. Our liquid coating not only makes surfaces of vehicles shine. No matter which subtrate metal or plastic, one component or two, with effects or solid colors.

And best of all: the inner values are perfect, too. Our primers are all-rounders. They deliver what we promise. Paints with organic solvents are equally at home as water-based paints. Our liquid topcoats and clearcoats also like to adapt – just like us.

Wörwag offers every customer a tailor-made solution for every coating system and every product.

What are we strong in?

  • Fulfillment of common automotive specifications
  • Harmonized systems to achieve the highest possible surface performance
  • Customized solutions with application technology service as a package deal
  • painting of metal and plastic subtrates
  • water based, solvent born & 100% systems (UV)
  • VOC-optimized systems with high solid content
  • 1- and 2-component technologies
  • High process reliability and design variety

Our broad portfolio for liquid coatings includes products of different technologies (solvent-born, water-based or 100% systems).

They perform differently in the coating system. Our primers optimally prepare the substrate for the following layers, while the basecoat gives the part being painted the right shade and color effect. The final clearcoat adds the finishing touch to the part: high-gloss, satin or super-matt with efficient protection against all external impacts.

However, this complex coating build-up is not always necessary. Our topcoat systems meet your requirements with just one or two coats.

For special applications, our experts in the laboratory and technology department also offer ideal solutions. Thus, Wörwag liquid coatings can be found in all important markets: from the automotive industry, in the market for construction and agricultural equipement, to general industry.

Liquid coating is just as equally suitable for plastic substrates as it is for metal. The different requirements and properties of the substrates are shown in our portfolio. Our product range includes both solventborne and waterbased coatings and coating systems: from primer to basecoat, clearcoat, topcoat, softcoat and decorative coating to special products such as SMC coatings and UV coatings.

Our products are among the best in the world and meet the specifications commonly used in the automotive industry.  They connect excellent physical and decorative properties with the full spectrum of processing parameters.  Which systems are used for which substrate is determined in close cooperation with the system requirements and manufacturing parameters.

We will be certainly working at the screen more in the future. Nonetheless, designers always want to have something to hold in their hands and to touch. In ten years’ time, some things will still be the same as they are now. Simulations, however, will increase in importance. They will be a decisive tool when working on creating new products. We already know the pigments and color effects. The computer can calculate an effects matrix in the color space for every conceivable combination of pigments.

Our knowledge of the individual shades of color and how they change when we mix two pigments is constantly growing. We know the quantities and their effects. When we feed this knowledge into the computer, then the complete color development process can be simulated and therefore be virtualized. Doing this with visual effects is most difficult of all. Our understanding of how our base formulations interact with color pastes and effect pigments is getting better and better. Virtual tools help us to keep optimizing the results. At the end of the day, it really will only require a few simple clicks of the mouse.

In the future, we won’t just be selling paint in cans with a label, but rather adding a huge volume of data to every container: material, density, pigments, solids. This is what self-
programming robots will be working with in the coating plants. The data are so detailed that the first coat of paint will be just right. We’re homing in on a batch size of one.

Artificial intelligence will allow the robot to automatically identify the workpiece in front of it. The robot scans the part, determines which surfaces need coating, and coats it once virtually as a test before coating it for real and measuring the coating. If the coating thickness is correct, then the next part, which might be a completely different one, has its turn. To ensure all of this is possible, we’ve already started compiling databases. We are following all developments very closely and are also conducting fundamental research in this area.

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