Powder Coatings

Strong and characterful, functional and decorative powder coatings. We protect and design surfaces.

A Shield for Action and Everyday Heroes

Even action heroes need a protective shield. When heat, continuous rain or frost push even giants of open-cast mining to their limits, our powder coating withstands. The solvent-free powder with a solids content of almost one hundred percent protects agricultural and construction machinery from corrosion, wind and weather.

But it’s not just excavators and bulldozers that look good with powder coating. Buyers of electrical appliances and designer furniture also enjoy robust, durable products with character. USM Haller furniture, for example, has even made it into the New York Museum of Modern Art – with a powder coating from Wörwag.

In the automotive industry and vehicle components, a wide variety of exterior and interior parts are coated with functional and decorative powder coatings.

What are we strong in?

  • No solvents, no volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Robust, durable and characterful surfaces
  • Specialties for extreme protection and high process efficiency
  • Wide range of applications
  • Wide range of colors, effects, gloss levels and surface structures

Powder coating can be processed directly. Work steps such as stirring, mixing with hardener or thinning are no longer necessary. High coating thicknesses are achieved in just one work step. Immediately after baking, the coated workpiece is ready for use. Another advantage of powder coating is that it produces almost no scrap. Overspray is captured and reused in large-scale applications, and the powder is thus nearly 100 percent recycled.

With a solids content of one hundred percent, the coating system manages without solvents. It is free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are subject to strict legal regulations. Overspray is captured and reused in large-scale applications, and the powder is thus nearly one hundred percent recycled.

Almost everywhere, the fields of application are diverse. For example, our powder coatings protect heavy agricultural and construction machineries, such as those made by Hamm or BOMAG, from corrosion caused by wind and weather. Effect and topcoats in powder form are also used in building technology, on bicycles, household appliances or furniture. In automotive engineering, both interior and exterior parts are coated with functional or decorative powder coatings. Our acrylic powder coatings score points with their piano coating brilliance, perfect leveling and maximum weather resistance. A layer with these acrylic powder clearcoat series W845 and W847, for example, achieves the quality of car body paints.

We do not set limits. Instead, you and your application area decide. Almost all colors and gloss levels are available, as effect or uni coating, plain or textured.

Powder coating meets the highest requirements for mechanical and chemical resistance as well as weathering stability. If required, it can be combined with wet paint in a system. However, powder coatings also have their limits, for example, the curing temperatures, which are usually higher than 160°C. Likewise, the surface cannot be made as smooth as is possible with a liquid coating. On the other hand, powder coatings also allow a wide range of structures.

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