Wörwag - der Profi für industrielle Farben, Lacke und Beschichtungen

Colors and coatings
are our life

Color - Coating - Competence

Our coatings give beautiful and useful things protection and durability, color and emotionality, brilliance and character.


We know what is possible with paints and coatings. Our drive: curiosity. Our motivation: to master all requirements with a perfect appearance, resource-saving and bravura. Until the color fits perfectly.


We love challenges and get to the bottom of surfaces. As a system provider of liquid paint, powder coating and paint film, we offer solutions and the associated specialists from a single source.


We want to be the best for our customers. That's why we develop and test precisely tailored products and ideally coordinated systems. In doing so, we also keep a firm eye on environmental protection.

Functional coatings with wow effect