Unsere Primer, Deck- und Klarlacke für Pkw, Nutzfahrzeuge und Trucks machen Fahrzeuge zu Designobjekte, die bei jedem Wetter glänzen. Auch nach Jahrzehnten.

Automotive Coatings

We create the perfect stage for cars.
Both from the interior and the exterior.

We present ourselves from the glittering side

No design is too freaky for us. On the contrary, we bring brilliance onto the road, in series, special editions or individually. And we don’t do anything by halves. Because every vehicle, whether passenger car, commercial vehicle or truck, is a unique masterpiece.

That’s why we coat any parts, exterior and interior, metal and plastic, matte and glossy. With liquid paint, powder coating or paint film. The perfect match of appearance, protection and experience is our top priority.

Customized solutions along the process chain are our strength. The automotive industry has always been our key market.

In fact, we are the leader in the market for exterior plastic add-on parts. But don’t worry, we are not resting on our laurels. We are continously developping our coating systems – on an ongoing basis. With the help of our innovative paint film, plastic parts can be produced and coated in one go. This saves time and ressources.

What we are strong in?

  • Compliance with automotive standards
  • Harmonized systems (waterbased, solventborn or 100%) Primer-BaseCoat-ClearCoat
  • Wide range of colors and effects
  • Wörwag as a system supplier – everything from a single source
  • Coatings for a wide variety of substrates
  • Individual and customized solutions along the process chain
  • Worldwide technical service on site
  • Certification according to IATF

Appearance or functionality We know that beauty does not have to be ephemeral. That’s why our coatings for cars, commercial vehicles and trucks can easily handle both jobs. They protect metal and plastic substrates from corrosion and weathering.

With their brilliance and glowing power, they offer an eye catching experience. Sun, wind, rain, snow or road salt, our coatings can stand all the stress . All this with a total layer thickness that corresponds to the diameter of a human hair.

A good driving experience appeals to all the senses, our paints for the vehicle interior create an atmosphere of wellbeing: look, feel and smell – we do not forget anything.

Not even environmental protection. Because the high protective effect of our liquid and powder coatings also extends the service life of cars and thus contributes to the responsible use of ressources.

Our liquid primer, basecoat, topcoat and clearcoat systems achieve truly brilliant performances. On the metal of the car body or when coating plastic add-on parts.

Each product takes on a different function. Our primer, for example, holds on to what we have promised – and does so on a wide variety of substrates. As a mid-level layer, it smoothes the surface and joins what belongs together. Our topcoats and basecoats then build up on this with bright colors and various effects, before the final clearcoat comes along with the required gloss level. Above all, it ensures a highly durable and scratch-resistant surface that is easy to clean.

Our liquid coatings can be either solventborn or waterbased, depending on the intended use. We place particular focus on environmentally friendly products with low VOC content and an efficient use of ressources and raw materials. Both technologies meet the necessary national and international OEM specifications.

Approximately one fifth of the bodywork of modern vehicles consists of plastic parts. Many of these are coated. As a system provider, we know that even the smallest component has its share in the overall work. That’s why our coatings are suitable for all plastic parts in cars. It is very likely that you find us in your vehicle.

The design departments of major car manufacturers have been intensively involved in color design and the effects of colors. The car colors which are currently particularly popular depends on various factors.  For example, color preferences vary from country to country.  Trends in the fashion and furniture industries also play a role in determining the color range of car manufacturers

Vibrant, bright colors are often used to emphasize the dynamic nature of a model or to highlight the uniqueness of an exclusive product line. Neutral, more subdued colors such as black, gray and white, on the other hand, are considered to be time- and ageless and are therefore used particularly in the high-volume market.

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