Coatings for Car Components

Woerwag delivers vehicle maunfacturers and their suppliers worldwide with coatings for car components.

We mix all around driving.

Many parts and components of a vehicle are coated. And theoretically, every coating could come from Wörwag. However, it is not only exterior bodywork and plastic add-on parts that are being coated. The range of painted components and parts in and on the vehicle is wide: from brake calipers to brake discs, trims and moldings to rear roller blinds and other attachments.

In the area of metal components like cardan shafts, springs and shock absorbers or in the engine compartment, systems of powder and liquid coatings are used. By offering special products, we fulfill specific customer wishes with special requirements and individual solutions. But our coatings are not only beautiful and high resistant for the requirements of four wheels. They also meet the wide range of requirements and resistances  for two-wheelers. Functional and decorative coating solutions are also applied on many parts for motorcycles.

What are we strong in?

  • many years of experience in the OEM and TIER business with relevant approvals
  • wide variability and range of our products
  • very good mechanical properties such as scratch resistance and stone chip protection
  • very good temperature, light and weathering resistance
  • good resistance against oil, brake fluid and rim cleaner
  • wide range of colors
  • customized solutions

Mainly to protect against a wide range of environmental impacts and corrosion, which would cause a loss of function or a significant reduction in the required surface properties. In addition to the improved optical appearance of the component, an optimization of the surface properties contributes to improved part quality and a longer service life. The issue of individualization is becoming increasingly more important in the market for vehicle components. Individual color highlights emphasize the personality of things.

Driving and Admiring. Many sports cars choose selected colors for the brake calipers to clearly identify the model series and special equipment features. The color is intended to emphasize the car’s dynamic and sporty character. However, it is not just an eye-catcher, but an extension of the balanced and harmonized match between car color, wheel rim and brake.

Various liquid and powder coating systems are used, which fulfill the required properties of the respective surface. These are, for example, our powder coatings W851 for brake calipers and W841 for trims and roof railings. The special product W110 is used to protect brake discs, and not to forget our liquid paint R4220 for trims and rails.

We offer the best coating solutions for all interior and exterior components. And if the right solution does not yet exist, we will find it together with our customers. If you are looking for a special solution, contact us directly here.

We don’t just sell paint, we offer an allround package. In addition to the sale of our products, this includes intensive consulting in advance, support during the launch of coating systems, and a cooperation for further development and improvements. Our technical service is available on site for this purpose. They guarantee support at the coating line, but above all a direct contact to the labs and the production at Wörwag.

We are always close to our customers belongings. We take care of necessary tests and make use of our internal test laboratory. Last but not least, we are always there where you need us. Production sites all over the world and international contacts emphasize our claim: Stuttgart is home, but we have roots all over the world.

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