Paint Film:
a Foil Made of Actual Coating

We turn the world of coatings upside down.
Because with us, the coating becomes a roll.

Tailored Designs on the Run

We wind up a surface made of liquid coating before applying it to the component. This saves material and energy. Long drying times are a thing of the past, and smooth-surfaced plastic parts can be produced in a single step. Nevertheless, we keep the properties of a high-end liquid coating.

Not in the mood for the mainstream? Neither do we. That’s why our paint film also bonds individual designs – efficiently and in a way that saves resources.

What are we strong in?

  • 100% application efficiency
  • 80% energy savings
  • Significant optimization of the carbon footprint
  • Resource-saving individualization
  • Future Surface

Our paint film makes it possible to manufacture and coat components in a single step. Paint films can be used for simple surfaces made of plastic or metal. The Transferfilm, for example, optimizes the coating of water deflectors in the automotive industry, while the Decorative Film is suitable for lamination. With this coating technology, plastic profiles for doors, windows and facades can be produced industrially and energy-efficiently in many trendy metallic colors.

The latest technologies, the Self-adhesive Decorative Film and the Transferbasecoat create opportunities for resource-saving and efficient individualization down to batch size 1.

The best thing about it: at the customer’s site, the use of the paint film results in zero CO2 emissions in most cases.

Wörwag has significantly developed and continuously improved paint film technology. Our approach is to first produce the coating as web material and then wind it up as a roll. This paint film roll is then cut or plotted for individualization purposes and transferred during component manufacture with almost no additional energy input. The advantages: no overspray, no drying time, ready for immediate use.

Due to the use of liquid paints developed for the automotive industry, the paint film is in no way inferior to the surface properties of a liquid paint: excellent flow and color accuracy, very high weather and scratch resistance, high resistance to aggressive chemicals and solvents, etc.

With the development of the paint film in various colors and shapes, Wörwag is entirely in line with the trend of individual designs. For example, the paint film is used for the color design of radiator grilles or roofs. Thanks to this development, car components can be coated in multiple colors in a single process step.

Until now, one coating pass would be required for each color applied to a component. The paint film technology makes the design trend with increased flexibility and a low-energy process possible in the first place.

Today we have four main product groups for different applications.

  • Transferfilm for water deflectors, roof moldings and greenhouses in black high-gloss as well as in contrasting and body colors
  • Decorative film for window profiles, window well trim and greenhouses in black high-gloss, other colors and effects in different gloss levels and embossing possible
  • Self-adhesive Decorative Film for individualizing body surfaces, bi-color and surfaces in contrasting colors
  • Transferbasecoat for the individualization of vehicle add-on parts, universally pigmentable

Wörwag’s high-tech paint film is exceptionally environmentally friendly. No overspray or other waste products are produced during processing. The application efficiency is, therefore, almost 100 percent. Compared to conventional coating processes, the use of paint film can save up to 80 percent of energy. No process waste such as paint sludge is produced. Filter materials are not required. In addition, the paint film is not a hazardous material due to the already cured paint surface.

Depending on the coating film technology, the application processes differ:

  • The Transferfilm is applied by so-called laminating in an extrusion process. In this process, the film is fixed to the desired surface by a melt. On the other hand, the Decorative Film is applied to the component using a hot-melt adhesive process.
  • The situation is different with paint films for individualization. The Self-adhesive Decorative Film is a self-adhesive coating film that is applied to the component with a squeegee and an application aid. An automated process is in development. The Transferbasecoat technology uses a specially developed and automated applicator process.

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