New Mobility braucht Lösungen für radartransparente Beschichtungen und Lacke für Batterien.

Coatings for New Mobility

We offer innovative coating solutions for new mobility.

Our motivation is called curiosity

We wish you a safe journey: yesterday, today and tomorrow. We know that the mobility of the future is being newly invented. The future will be powered by alternative driving systems. This is changing all industries dramatically. This means for Wörwag new areas of expertise, exciting fields of activity and challenging issues.

Innovative solutions are more than ever required. Actually, it is business as usual for us. Because we have always faced such challenges. We mix and match all aspects of driving with a great deal of passion. The type of powertrain doesn’t make any difference. The number of wheels doesn’t matter either. Our motivation is called curiosity.

In our search for solutions, we choose from the complete product portfolio: from paint film to powder coatings to liquid paints. The best of more than 100 years of experience also works in new worlds – and even for vehicles that we may not even know about at the moment.

What are we strong in?

  • Protection and insulation
  • Smart and conductive coatings
  • Coatings for autonomous driving (for example: radartransparent coatings)
  • Customized and individualized vehicle coatings
  • Sustainability and recyclability
  • Short process times

Modern and innovative coating systems are multifunctional. And their skills are asked more than ever. Potential applications are arising, as coatings are increasingly taking on functional tasks. In particular in the electromobility, electrical insulation and conductivity as well as very good chemical resistance are required in addition to adhesion, gloss and corrosion protection.

Paint from Wörwag can prevent short circuits in the battery and increase dielectric strength – thus helping battery cells to last longer. The coating also stabilizes the cells and protects against water ingress. In this way, our coating systems for battery housings, battery covers, cell modules and the entire battery management system improves durability.

In the area of fuel cells, we offer the possibility of fast, efficient and economical series production with our paint film. Also the way to the digitalization of the surface is already well prepared: smart coatings offer intelligent solutions for detecting any impacts on the surface.

Coatings do not only determine the appearance of an electric car, they also have important functions inside the vehicles – as a high amount of electricity runs in the strong electric powertrains of electric cars.

Insulating paint and coating systems help prevent dangerous short circuits and fires. The insulating coating is applied, for example, on single battery cells and onto the battery housing and has a thickness of up to 100 microns. It consists of polymers and special additives.

A second group of special coatings used in electric cars, have exactly the opposite effect: They are highly conductive. They have almost the same conductivity as metal and protect sensitive electronic components from electromagnetic waves. This is enabled by carbon-containing compounds, which are added to the coating systems.

By the way, some requirements on special coatings are the same: For example, they should be as lightweighted as possible, because every gram does count when it comes to cars.

We don’t just give new mobility brilliance and glamour. We make a contribution to it. But above all, we think ahead. That’s how we work with our partners to develop customized solutions for new challenges. And the New Mobility sector is challenging everyone involved. We are prepared for this. We are a system provider and offer a complete package.

If requested, we offer one-, two- and three-layer systems from a single source. Perfectly harmonized technology and buildups with primer, basecoat, topcoat and clearcoat. And all of this as liquid or powder coatings. Or would you prefer Paint Film? We regularly open up new areas of application for our innovative paint film.

A wide range of different part geometries can be coated with paint film in a fast and ressource-efficient way. Thanks to our large experience, we offer automotive quality for all systems as well as very good levelling and good mechanical properties.

No one knows what will happen in the future. But we keep our ear to the ground. There are new application possibilities arising almost every day. The important thing is that we are prepared for them. We are curious. That’s the only way how we can develop coating systems and technologies for tomorrow. And we create the markets ourselves. Because we are already focusing on tomorrow’s world today. Safety, cost savings, efficiency and sustainability are as much a part of New Mobility as innovative technologies.

Autonomous driving including radar transparency and sensor technology, alternative powertrain concepts with fuel cell technology, or digitized surfaces – all of these are new technologies that challenge innovative coating systems.

We connect functionality with aesthetics, individuality and customer needs. We are ready to imagine new concepts.

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