Clearcoat matt

Vehicle color is a matter of taste. Effects too.
Our matt clearcoat gives vehicles a special touch.
It is (not) a paint for all cases.

Am 18. May 2021

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Wörwag supplies customized products and solutions. The diverse requirements for the appearance of surfaces present us with new challenges every day. These challenges are gladly accepted by our employees from development and technology. Especially when these coatings generate special attention. Our matt clearcoat creates understated elegance with a wow effect thanks to its velvety finish.

Our paint for matte vehicle painting at a glance:

  • Customer: OEM
  • Product: Vehicle paint
  • Paint: INMOTIQ Clearcoat SB 2K R3279H and R3289H
  • Application: Automotive
  • Paint used since: late 1990s

Special features:

  • Noble appearance and silky finish
  • Achievement of color and design effects
  • High weathering resistance and scratch resistance
  • Repair concept