Ultra High Solid - Direct to Metal

Ultra-High-Solid Direct-to-Metal

Am 17. May 2021

Lean but strong

Extreme protection, lean process:
Our ultra-high-solid direct-to-metal single-layer process speaks for itself.

Sometimes it pays to take a shortcut. Especially when the end result of the coating process is convincing all round. For example, the ultra-high-solids direct-to-metal process can save a complete coating process (see the case study of Hamm). Primer and topcoat are applied in a single layer. This not only saves a process step, but also naturally saves time and costs.

Despite a reduced coating thickness compared with a classic two-coat structure, Ultra-High-Solid Direct-to-Metal delivers convincing results, which have been proven in our test laboratory in 1,000 hours of salt spray testing, among other things: excellent corrosion protection, very good weather resistance.