Paint for brake caliper

Our powder paint is robust and powerful.
In addition, an eye-catcher.

Am 16. May 2021 | Car Components, Powder Coating

Pretty saddle fast

High-performance paint for brake caliper is just one of the many applications for Wörwag products. The applications are diverse – but are often only recognized at second glance. This is the case, for example, with the painting of brake calipers. Here, we score not only in terms of functionality but also design: because the eye goes with the car.

Our paint at a glance:

  • Customer: OEMs
  • Paint: INDUSTRIQ Powder Topcoat W851
  • Application: Cars and car components
  • Paint used since: 2006


Our strengths:

  • high performance powder coating
  • excellent resistance to oil, brake fluids, rim cleaners
  • very good stone chip resistance
  • high corrosion and weather resistance

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