Portrait Michaela Eigenbrod

A part-time career start

“I’ve been really lucky with Wörwag. They always find a way – and I don’t just mean in product development”, says the 30-year-old. “Given my situation at the time, it was an incredible relief to have such support from the company.”

Three-year-old Mats loves trucks. So does his mother Michaela Eigenbrod. They both spend lots of time looking at picture books of all kinds of commercial vehicles. And they rarely pass by a construction site without stopping. While Mats watches the tipper at work, Michaela Eigenbrod focuses on the trucks’ paintwork. The chemical engineer works in Wörwag’s topcoat development department for commercial vehicles.

Her son appears to have been born with an interest in heavy machinery. And Wörwag took care of this too. When Michaela Eigenbrod fell pregnant during her final assignment and was no longer allowed to work in the laboratory, the family-friendly company helped ensure she was still able to complete her studies and start her career on a part-time basis a year later.

Part-time position created

Even when Michaela Eigenbrod was looking for work after maternity leave, Wörwag demonstrated its family-friendly approach and created a part-time position at its laboratory. She initially worked four days a week, and now works full time.

She has always enjoyed developing coating systems for commercial vehicles. “What’s being coated is not as important to me. Particularly as the requirements are now no longer so distinct compared to normal vehicle coatings,” says Michaela Eigenbrod.

Flexible working hours

She is now well into a routine with her child. Michaela Eigenbrod and her boyfriend Fabian Reister, who also works at Wörwag, are able to share their working hours flexibly, so that they can take Mats to kindergarten in the morning, and usually also pick him up in the evening. “He knows we make colours”, grins Michaela Eigenbrod.

He’s already seen his parents’ workplaces too. He especially liked the photos of commercial vehicles featuring Wörwag coatings on the hallway walls, and of course the paint gun. Together with his mother at kindergarten, he has already simulated how his sandpit tipper could be painted a new colour. Because the kindergarten has a small laboratory with a white lab coat. It’s never too early to take that first step towards a family business.



Name: Michaela Eigenbrod

At Wörwag since: September 2005 (with breaks)

Job: Developing coating systems for the commercial vehicle industry

For me, Wörwag is… Now a little piece of home

My favourite colour is… KT 43.5

Someone I would like to meet one day… Sheldon Cooper and David Bowie, if he were still alive

The most important app on my Smartphone is… None.

The cartoon character most similar to me isDonald Duck and the Cookie Monster

My perfect day includesMy child’s laughter and good music

I’m most proud ofMy son

My favourite food isPizza and biscuits

What makes me laugh the mostBlack humour and my own clumsiness

Luxury for me isHaving time for a good book or a hike in the mountains

My hobby is… Hiking and climbing. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do much in recent years

How does that hobby tie in with my job at Wörwag? You also need to put in the hard yards and scale new heights here

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