Portrait Luca Stephan

Anyone who plays American football can really get stuck in.

The hobby and the traineeship

Luca Stephan plays it tough out on the field. He’s a defender. He can take blows and dish them out even harder. But he doesn’t need any biceps now. His index fingers and thumbs will suffice. The 23-year-old aspiring coatings laboratory assistant at Wörwag delicately pinches the small pipette and drips various rinse solutions onto a glass dish.

It’s not about yard wins; it’s about the adhesive strength of clear coatings. “Conducting tests independently or having responsibility for smaller projects is the most fun”, says Luca, who goes on to describe the extra kick the traineeship provides: “Being able to apply coatings myself is also always super cool.”

Guaranteed employment

Luca has been undertaking a coatings laboratory assistant’s traineeship at Wörwag since September 2014. This generally takes three and a half years, and sees the passionate NFL player work in various laboratory divisions. So far, he has already been in Industrial Coatings, Quality Assessment, Vehicle Interior Finishes and Materials Engineering, and is currently working in the Base Coatings department.

It is here that he has also conducted the rinse test. In addition to the work in the various departments, there are also three hours of workshop training at Wörwag and vocational college every week. He is joined by seven other trainees in his year. “Chemistry was always my favourite subject. That’s why I chose this job”, says Luca. The final sealer was the prospect of a guaranteed one-year employment contract.

“And if your grade is better than 2.5 in the department assessments, you’re given a permanent contract”, he adds. In other words, Wörwag’s opinion is the main deciding factor.

Team spirit with extra kick

Luca has been playing American football in his spare time for nine years – and many of these were spent at the Fellbach Warriors, where he is still a youth coach. In 2016, the Albershausen Crusaders qualified for the second-tier league. His hobby and traineeship have many things in common. “Team work is what counts”, he says, adding that “if you get on well with your team, playing is always fun – even if the results don’t always go your way.”

And the same principle also applies to his career. “If you don’t work together on a job and know what everyone else is doing, it’s difficult to get ahead”, says Luca. He is pursuing ambitious goals in both domains. After completing his traineeship at Wörwag, he wants to take the technicians’ examination at the very least, and perhaps even study at university.

Facts ...

Name: Luca Stephan

At Wörwag since: September 2014

Job: Trainee coatings laboratory assistant

For me, Wörwag is… Working with lots of nice people.

My favourite colour is…Blue

Someone I would like to meet one day…Christoph Waltz. In my opinion, he is a great actor, and I’m interested to know whether he’s as sarcastic in real life as he is in his films.

The most important app on my Smartphone is…probably WhatsApp.

The cartoon character most similar to me is…Deadpool. He is very sarcastic and comes up with the right things to say in virtually every situation.

My perfect day includes…Sleeping in, good food and American football.

I’m most proud of…My mum, because she’s put up with me all this time.

My favourite food is…Any kind of “Maultaschen” (stuffed pasta parcels).

What makes me laugh the most…Black humour and lame jokes.

Luxury for me is…Leisure time. It’s a luxury for me to spend the afternoon lying on the couch listening to music and relaxing.

My hobby is…playing American football for the last seven years.

How does that hobby tie in with my job at Wörwag? Football is an entirely team sport. You need to be able to rely on others. And the same also applies to my work at Wörwag.

Any questions?

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